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Girl Education


Concerning people, India is the second biggest nation on the planet and the speed of female schooling is significantly reduced in India.  Girl schooling was the topic of stress in India at the middle era though it’s been solved to a massive extent.  Instruction to girls has been given a great deal of priority in India like guys to take some supporting changes locally.  Previously women weren’t allowed to leave the gate of the homes.  They were just restricted to the family functions.

Upliftment of Girl Education

The Upliftment of woman education was mainly performed by Raja Ram Mohan Ray and Iswara Chandra Vidyasagar throughout the British rule in India.  They paid focus towards girls schooling.  Additionally, there were several leaders such as Jyotiba Phule & Baba Sahib Ambedkar from lower caste community that took different initiatives to make schooling available to the girls of India.  It had been with their attempts that following the Freedom the government adopted various measures to give education to girls.  Because of this, the women’s literacy rate has increased up since 1947.Regardless of how many more girls are becoming educated and girls are becoming literate nowadays, there’s still a difference between the literacy rate of women and men.  If we look nearer towards the girls literacy rate, the problem appears very excruciating.  As per a survey just 60 percent of women receive primary instruction and farther, it decreases down dramatically to 6 percent in regards to high secondary schooling.

Factors Responsible for Low Speed Of Girl Education

There are a few aspects that are in charge of our Indian society that limit the women to attend college.  These are:



Parents negative mindset

Insufficient school infrastructure

Spiritual factor

Child Marriage

Child labor & Poverty.

A few of these factors are explained as under:-

Poverty — Though schooling is free still there’s a good deal of cost involved in sending kids to college.  It has the cost of uniform, stationery, publications, and conveyance that’s a lot for a household living under poverty line.  They can not even manage a day’s meal, instructional expenditures are a lot to incur.  That’s why parents prefer to maintain their kid kid at home.

Distance — In many regions of India, a primary school is located too far away in the villages.  There’s 4-5 hours walk to make it to the school.  Remembering the security and other safety factors parents confine the woman kid to go to college.

Insecurity — Women occasionally have to face a variety of kinds of violence in the school.  Including violence about the way to college, by the college teacher, pupils and other individuals involved with the college atmosphere.  So women’ parents believe she may not be secure at the location hence prohibit them from going to college.

Negative Attitude — People normally feel that a woman should understand how to cook, the way to keep up the home and to perform household activities because these are the principal focus of woman’s life.  Their contribution to the family work is valued over their schooling.

Child Marriage — In Indian culture, nevertheless there are instances of child marriage.  A woman is forced to marry at a young age and is frequently pulled from the college at a really young age.  Because of premature marriage, they become pregnant from a young age and thus their time is dedicated towards the kid and no time is left for analyzing.

Child Labour — This is also a significant reason to prohibit women from studying.  Working and earning an early age is the principal aspect to be held accountable for not analyzing.  Parents because of poverty compel girls to operate from a young age hence that the women are prohibited from studying.

Spiritual factor — India is a huge country and is made up of different religions.  Some spiritual practitioners also prohibit the woman child to become educated.  According to these, it’s contrary to the faith.


There’s an immense need of educating the parents about the merits and advantages of girl child education.  It is not just the responsibility of this authorities but it’s our duty also to instruct people around us.  The very best thing is our P.M. has obtained an excellent initiative to the girl child education through ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ effort in villages.  According to him, if we would like to see our nation developed then we need to produce all women educated.

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