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Ba (h) philosophy fallacy of equivocation

  1. 1.fallacy of equivocation

-when we use some word or phrase deliberately or accidentally we  uses the word equivocally. If we do it in the context of an argument we commit the fallacy  of equivocation.

for eg.-  I will follow karan’s advice because he gives sound’s decision.             yes! I would hear his sound even at a long distance.

Due to the one word having different meaning one confuses and uses the word equivocally. In the first one person talks about good advice that Karan gave, but second take it wrong and talk about the frequency of sound.

-sometimes fallacy of equivocation is committed when one confuses word derived from the same root to have same meaning.

eg.-  projector should not be trusted.        The engineer has done the project therefore, the engineer should not be trusted.

Due to the root words one may use it equivocally. like the projectors and project are two different names having the same root word. But one may confuse and commit the fallacy of equivocation.

-sometimes relativet such as right wrong, good and bad,are used equivocally, when their context is ignored.   Here, due to the shift in the context their meaning also changes  such term related to the context in which they are used .

eg.- An elephant is an animal so, small elephant is a small animal.

here, the small is a relative term.                 A small elephant is a very large animal.  The fallacy of equivocation with respect to the relative term “small”

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