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Ba (h) philosophy sem 1 Fallacy of composition

Fallacy of composition

fallacy of composition occurs when the conlusion in drawn from the attributes of a pads of the whole to the attribute of the whole itself.  Here,argues assumes that the whole is sum total of its parts. The whole  comprehensible set it at roughly considered as the collection of subsets.

Eg.- Every book of Delhi public libraries a good book. Therefor Delhi public libraries is a good library.

Since every sheep is ready for the battle. The coal fleet must be ready for the battle.

There is a second kind of composition fallacy too when the fallacy is reasoning the attributes of the individual element or member of collection to the attribute of collection or totally of these elements.

Eg.- Because a bus uses more gasoline than any other automobile.                              Therefore all the buses used more gasoline then all automobiles

2- An elephant drink more water than any other animal does.                              Therefore, elephants of Jim Corbett park drinks more water than any other animal does.

This version of fallacy of composition turns on a confusion between the distributive and the collective use of general terms. This second kind of composition fallacy may be called as individual infrence that may truely predicated of term distributively and  may truely be predicated of term collectively.

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