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(Argument Ad populum)

The fallacy when  when an argument is supported by emotions and not by reasoning . In the arguments Ad populum, the conclusion of an argument is supported by the sentiments and emotions.The arguments regarding important issues are accepted because of the sentiments of the masses. in such cases the premises are so chosen as to be the instruments with which to to manipulate the benefits of the public sometimes an issue in emotionalized whereas  some other times emotionally toned words are used in order to win our them emotional atmosphere of approval or disapproval is created by using emotionally charged phrases like taking the people’s food campaigning for anti-waste etc the advertisers displayed their products in such a manner so as to approved it from the masses . Bakery products like bread and biscuits are shown consumed by smiling ,chubby boys and girls .uses of certain  brand of cars are related with the symbol of richness,whereas use of certain drink is shown as the sign of adventurism. The sole Idea behind all this is to influence the attitude of public and so strong is the influence that in spite of all the efforts to resist this,one is carried by them .


1) you most agree that times of India is best daily newspaper in the city because seventy per cent people read it .

2) 25% of consumers purchase Sony television rather than any other brand .All those people cannot be wrong .Hence sony television is the best television brand .

3) since everyone is aspiring to do MBA from a reputed Institute. so I will also do MBA after graduation.

4) most of the smart girls are using dove soap I thought it good idea. I will also use dove soap.


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