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An explanation is a set of statements constructed to describe the events, facts and phenomena.  An explanation aims to describe how and why things occur as they do. The reason one gives for why something happened and how it happened is called an explanation


1. I am late for the meeting  (x)

Because my train was late.  (Y)

2. Apple falls on the ground because  there is                                                        (x)

Gravitational force on the earth            (y)

3. She did not come to the school      (x)

Because she was sick.                           (Y)

4. She took aspirin                             (x)

Because she had headache               (y)

In all the above examples “because” is used to indicate that an explanation is being offered

An  argument may have just one premise or more but both the premises and conclusions should be there to form an argument. If the premise is given and no conclusion is drawn then it is not an argument. similarly, if conclusion is given and No Promises are cited then also it is not an argument.


1.   all men’s mortal.

Socrates is a man

Therefore, Socrates is Mortal.

2.   If there is rain then we shall not go            for picnic

There is rain.

Therefore, we shall not go for picnic.

3.   If A then B

If B then C

Therefore,  if a A then C

Sometimes the arguments examples with explanation. It may be noted that arguments contain statements and these statements are either true or false. Question, answers and explanations are not a part of argument because they neither have truth value nor are they true or false. On the other hand explanation comprises of the two parts, one is the explandum(x) and the another is explanans(y) .

The explandum   is the statement that describe the phenomenon which is to be  explained.

The experience is a statement or a set of statements that aim to do the explaining.


Satish has just got admission in MBA course and one of the best institutes of the USA, so he will quit his job.

This is an argument where Satish has got admission in MBA course and one of the best institutes of the USA is the premise and and he will quit his job is the conclusion.

Satish has quit his job because he has got admission in MBA in one of the best institute of the USA.

The statement that comes before “because” describes an accepted fact or an event on the other statement that comes after “because”aims to elaborate the fact that it is a case of an explanation.

If the  statement that comes before “because”is an an accepted fact but it has to be proved or established by the other statements that comes after “because” an argument.



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