Everyone is aware…why independence day is celebrated but what is the relevance of flying kites on that day…..??

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  1. The answer is quite simple, people only knows the how to enjoy their day any feeling sentiment is not attached that doesn’t matter to them

  2. August 15 might be just like any other holiday but for some, it’s the day they wait for the whole year. Forgetting caste, creed or region, people color themselves saffron, white, and green on this day and gather on their terraces to celebrate by flying kites.

  3. Kites fly breaking the shackles of captivity similar to us who got free from the shackles of the Britishers. Though it is not observed all over India. Only in Delhi and neighboring parts kites are flown.

  4. See there was a history behind it ..and it was around 1927 , I think we all heard a very famous slogan “Go Back Simon ” actually it was used to a protest against Simon commission..
    Protestors used kites with slogan “Go Back Simon” as a composed protest. They were fown all over the sky.. since then it becomes a tradition in India of flying kites at Independence Day . As flying kites becomes a expression of Freedom, joy, and patriotism..

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  5. Dear mishika
    Only in capital of India flying kite on independence day hope so
    Bcoz in other state of India don’t flying on that day
    Second thing everyone aware because of terrorist

    • Not only in the capital state Delhi but many other states like punjab,haryana,rajasthan experience kite flying on the same day….and why 15th august is celebrated is taught to each and every child in their schooling days itself….so relating it to a terror activity….makes no sence….and reason of kite flying is still unanswered

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