How is the issue of sustainability important for development ?explain with examples ?

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  1. Sustainable development aims at fulfilling the needs of today without compromising the needs of the future generation.sustainable is the capability to use the resources judiciously and maintain the ecological balance .it lays emphasis on environment protection and check environment degradation .to stop over exploitation and with relevant examples like petroleum,coal,ground water.

  2. The issue of sustainability development has emerged from Rapid industrialisation of the world in the past century.
    It is felt that the economic growth and industrialisation have led to reckless exploitation of natural resources
    On the other hand, the stock of natural resources are limited. So the growth of all countries in future is likely to be endangered if the limited resources are completely exhausted.
    Under these circumstances the issue of sustainablility has become important for development.
    Similarly, if non renewable resources are used recklessly these will also be exhausted.
    So the issue of sustainablility is important for development.

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