What skills and experiences makes an individual a good candidate in an interview?

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  1. Your way of answering tricky question with full confidence and smile. Your overall experience and qualifications. Most important your general knowledge and talent.

  2. Be confident, Energetic, Well Groomed, and Have a smile on your face.

  3. Most important skill and experience is your attitude and confident the way you present your self, qualification talent knowledge all matter but in all most important is when you apply for a interview but you have less idea about it don’t show it show like you know completely about it your body language while speaking your English all shows you confident

  4. 1. Commercial awareness
    2. Communication
    3. Teamwork
    4. Negotiation and persuasion
    5. Problem solving
    6. Leadership

  5. Stay confident and answer honestly

  6. It is not necessary to always have experience but yes it is advantageous if a person has but the experience cannot be the criterion of judging a person.

    Skills are an important area, for any interview whether is it technical or non-technical the basic skills are confidence, positive attitude, should not be nervous, charming personality .

  7. Be confident. And answer the questions honestly. Do prepare an answer for ” tell me something about yourself” question which is the opening question of normally every interview.

  8. May be
    Candidate kitna pyar krta apne kaam se ye matter krta h uski preferences & attentions kya kya h …..
    Skill aur experience bhale hi kitna but apke andr ye chije nhi h to company apko shayad na prefer kre .kyoki company ko passionate & innovative persons ki requirements h ……agr aap me ye sab h .
    To aap company ki first preference ho

  9. See some companies only look for those Candidates who have experience in work field as it makes them workplace -ready ..
    They are more comfortable in job then a newcomer.
    Experience helps in employee personal growth which is helpful for companies growth and profitability.
    Some Companies prefer experienced employee as they are more explored in a particular work field which prove to be helpful and profitable to business. As they are aware of different situations and problems they face in an organization.
    Skills like communication skills , problem solving skills , teamwork , flexibility and adaptability are some which interviewer looks for in an employee .

  10. confidence in yourself so your interview always good.

  11. If you have knowledge about your carrier and also experienced of your work.
    And also confidence in yourself so your interview always good.

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