What you will answer to these tricky interview questions?


Try to answer honestly as per your own perspective, professional knowledge and work experience. Answer every question independently and not in a series. You can even answer just one question or more as per your comfort level.

I am asking the questions acting an an interviewer!

Q1. Share with me your biggest weakness. (Don’t wrap ur strength in disguise)

Q2. You have changed 3 jobs in last 2 years! This doesn’t look impressive to me. How will you justify this?

Q3. If you don’t get promotion in my company as per your expected time-line, what will be your action plan then?

Q4. In the last job you spent nearly 3 years but still you weren’t promoted even once. What was lacking in you which proved as the root cause of this?

Q5. In your career, did you take some risks? Mention any instance where you failed in achieving the desired target for which you took that particular risk?

Q6. You have left Chartered Accountancy after clearing IPCC and also didn’t go for Articleship. Isn’t it show you are a loser?

Q7. You are quite qualified but we are planning to hire a Male Candidate for this post. What is your input on this?

Q8. Why should I give you this job when you are entering the professional world after laying off for 4 years?

Q9. Just before you the candidate whom I interviewed has cleared his MBA with 1st Division plus he has been a topper all along his school years. Why should not I prefer him over you?

Q10. What should the company do if you commit a mistake which costs heavily to the company?

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Answers ( 8 )

  1. 1. My biggest weakness is stage fear but i am working on myself.
    3. I will keep patience and will do more hard work than before.

  2. 8. In this 4 year gap rather than becoming a looser….i stood up for myself…..got indulged in extra curriculums…….pursued my studies…..got practical knowledge in certain fields…..although i was frustated inside but directed my mind towards a positive way
    Finalising me as your employee depends upon you….whether you feel that i’m upto your criteria or not……and i guess my gap won’t effect my capability

  3. 3. If i don’t get the promotion it means my work is not up to the company’s expectations……by respecting their decision all i can give is the assurance with an improved result

  4. 1. My biggest weakness is i am not able to communicate my views with others….whenever i’m asked to present myself in the form of a presentation either….that fear of becoming a joke covers my mind and i start stammering

  5. 5) Because of English weakness I’m failed in CPT exam for two times but after teach to Dr Naresh Mahlotra sir I’m cleared in CPT exam for 78% marks

  6. 3) my action plan do hard work and impress to you and our staff

  7. As per CA student
    2) because of learning I quit job for 3 times in 2 years

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