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Welcome to the ever growing Protoedu family of knowledge seekers and torch bearers. The Protoedu family surpasses the mundane boundaries set by political interests because the Protoeduers (Protoedu family members are fondly known as ) only believe in one concept - Sharing is Growing Asking is Glowing Hearty Welcome once again !!


We, at, are proud to be the flag bearer in the Indian Edu-Startup Industry working in the domain of Students’ helpline services.

Protoedu has been started with the sole aim to bring together the sincere students, eminent scholars & experienced domain experts on a single platform wherein knowledge is cultivated. Everybody at Protoedu has to take an oath of helping others selflessly by giving honest and sincere guidance.

We welcome you to this ever growing family of informed professionals. We also request you to promote Protoedu throughout your personal contacts because it is a team work and not a one-man show. Every individual has a distinctive quality and some domain-specific work experience which he can share with others to guide them to excel without falling into potholes. A great deal of enthusiasm and nobleness is required to carry on such a genuine & selfless task.

Protoedu has been launched by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals spear-headed by Dr. Naresh Malhotra. He is a Ph.D in Management Economics and has a vast professional experience spanning over two decades. He has been the visiting faculty to number of prestigious management institutions. He has been a visiting faculty at ICAI (The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) teaching CA-Final Students. He also has extensive teaching & mentoring experience of teaching CA students through Satellite Classes. He has always enjoyed the love affection & respect of his students due to his dedication and care towards them.

Dr. Naresh Malhotra believes that there should be a perfect aim of your life so that you can steer towards it. Without any aim, your life is like an empty bottle floating in the sea which doesn’t know where it will head. He always insist to his students that these study years are the best years of making or breaking the future for every student and that’s why putting best efforts in the best direction is of utmost importance. Students, by themselves, are clueless about the prospects of various study/career fields and that’s why they need pin-point guidance.

More often than not, students receive random suggestions from their nears & dears which aggravate the problem and this is the danger which Protoedu wants to avert. We are here to end the confusion of the student and give him the right direction according to his personality, knowledge base and aptitude.

Even one-to-one guidance is also available for the students if need arises. So I once again insist to join Protoedu and insist more & more of your friends to join the Protoedu  family.

Jai Hind !

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