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Begging evils

Nowadays, the problem of begging evils has been arising badly. These evils waste a lot of time in begging to us. However, these evils are not beggars at all but pretend like it because when a person does not want to work anywhere the only option left is begging to survive. On the highway when traffic signal signs red light then everybody stay in their position and then these evils come and knock doors of cars in a peculiar way to give them some money. On highway at least they do not even think that what they are doing to them and after knowing that it’s become quite risky still they go on the highway and start begging over there which can be very daring for them. Government should make their rules tight that they cannot even think to enter again. These are the cruel evils who should be employed from the side of the government so that they cannot gain any chance to beg again in such a risky manner. Actually these beggars have become habitual of it or we can say they are habituated towards begging. Vagabonds are basically those people who are completely reliant on other persons for their living. Some beggars are handicapped, orphans, etc. We also see several orphans & child beggars which are in a childhood age. They should study instead of beseeching somewhere but somehow their situation is not even good that they could study. But the beggars who are not handicapped at all shouldn’t provide any space in our country because they just only want to reliant on others and they do not want to work anywhere. So, we should not give them money and if they still beg in front of anyone then police should impose fine on them by providing them employment and make them work. These beggars make our country dirty and try to devaluing our country. So, we should stop them from doing all these types of cruel activities. Government should make a strict law that whoever might find doing begging they have to pay a heavy fine to us. Government should also provide employment to these evils and who are handicapped should provide some money and food to stay alive. Handicapped beggars are undernourished and they live in slum areas which is the main reason that they cannot able to do recovery. Handicapped vagabonds usually win the sympathies of others to earn their livelihood. Now, government have to make some strict laws by which these evils become extinct in our country and beggars who may beg on the street path would be punished and have to pay heavy fine. We cannot ignore the gravity of this matter. It is the big threat which is intriguing our country and stopping us to move ahead. Thus, the solution lies in providing them employment and some nutrition to handicapped beggars so that they might become extinct and we don’t have to face any problem regarding these evils.

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