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Welcome to the ever growing Protoedu family of knowledge seekers and torch bearers. The Protoedu family surpasses the mundane boundaries set by political interests because the Protoeduers (Protoedu family members are fondly known as ) only believe in one concept - Sharing is Growing Asking is Glowing Hearty Welcome once again !!

Books – “Our Best Friends”

Books are a gathering of our liberty & wisdom. It’s our very good friend whom we can modify according to us. Books are our best friends. They never leave us in any turn of life. Books give us a lot of knowledge and skills. It increases our high opinion. Even at the dark part of side they are always along with us & never reduce our prosperity. Books are a golden key which we can use to unlock our dreams or we can say it is a means of source by which our dreams come true. Books brush our mind to make broaden & unique.

Books are the only gadget by which we could become unique from others & do what we want to do. It brightens our life with numerous lights and blowout happiness & pleasure everywhere in our life like Diwali. It can never make us uneducated. It makes us as much as intelligent as possible. Reading of books can make us incredible and it is the only one thing which is full of knowledge and skills. It has no demerits in anyway. It can change our lifestyle. It makes us aware whatever is going on around us or in our country also. It is very adorable and incredible gift from God.

However, it is a blessing which god has gifted to us so that our life always brightens and happiness always stays in our life. It helps us a lot when we are on a long journey. It serves to us a lot. We should be habitual of it. It is the best teacher which we can ever have. It fulfills our desire in such a way that we cannot even imagine. It promotes us in every level of life. It helps us a lot to move ahead. We ought to read books as much as possible because it is our kingdom and we are its King.

Some people might read books but not in that way in which they should, they just read books to gain marks. On the other hand there are also several people who read books to enjoy it and gain a lot of knowledge from it. Books are the only one who can never misguide us in anyway. If we do care for our books then they also care for us. Books are those friends who always take us on a right path and never shout on us.

Many people read books to gain marks only and hence they gain marks very well but they don’t have any idea that what are they doing to them? Actually, they are only gaining marks but on the other hand there are many peoples who read books to gain knowledge and skills and hence, automatically they gain marks as well. As we can see books are our bright future and without it we cannot do anything. Therefore, we should be habitual of reading books.

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