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Environment – “our heaven”

These days, Ecological problems are escalating day-by-day which causes multiple complications. It is all because of humans. If humans discontinue the usage of means of transportation then greenhouse gasses will not blowout anymore. Pollution is banquet by humans like deforestation, wastage of water, urbanization, etc. which cause eco-friendly problems. God has gifted us very attractive creatures which we are abolishing from our own hands.

Ultimately, Environment refers to all the surroundings and our livelihood in which we are living in. Everyone is thinking about themselves to get more benefits from Mother Nature as much as possible but no one is thinking about the creatures gifted by countryside. We are contaminating our own environment, heaven, livelihood, etc. from which we are facing the glitches and also suffering from different ailments. We are needed to get rid of it.  It has become a curse on our lives.

We should plant trees universally and also around our homes so that we can live in a fresh and pure air. If we want to maintain our environment then firstly we have to sprinkle peace everywhere. Now the situation has come in which environment’s ability to regenerate is abating day-by-day. Some animals and plants species have become extinct.

Forests which are indispensable part of our earth are cut by us. Human beings are so immersed in developing our country that they do not think about environment. However, they are distressing the environment badly.  We are also hunting faunas for our own benefit and it is absolutely immoral as they have also right to live like us.

If deity has gifted life to us then deity has also gifted a right to animals to live on this globe. We are mainly disturbing food chain supply of environs. We are devastating our own mother earth. In today’s biosphere, everyone is becoming too much nasty & malicious that they do not think about anyone else on this incredible creature. From this we are wounding our own hands. From this animals & plants have to die for our deeds. But this shouldn’t be done we should care for our mother earth as it gives us countless things and instead of extinguishing anything we should renew everything to make things exists.

We can’t deny this fact that somewhere we are losing the connection & interaction with our nature. We should also give specific time to our adorable and marvelous creatures. It is necessary to have positive relations with environment also. Human beings are placing the environment in jeopardy. As a result, Government should prohibit deforestation, combustion of fuels, polluting atmosphere, etc. so that we can also progress.

Now, we should be aware of how our present actions towards the environment might bring about either optimistic or dire outcomes to the environment in the future. We should wholeheartedly indulge in upholding our Environment vigorous & stunning. In order to make everyone awake about the circumstances of environment we should deliver education to everyone about all the environmental concerns. We cannot ignore the gravity of this matter. It is irreversible process . The resolution lies in to inhibit the atmosphere from degrading. We should cultivate our realm to make it like heaven on the other side we should also halt all the cruel practices from degrading our incredible creatures.

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  1. human is the only species in the universe which has broken the natural restraints and shaped the modern world. its commendable but in this race, our environment has taken a irreparable toll.

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