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Negative Impact of Reality shows on Teenagers

As we can see, Television is a means of Entertainment & News. Today at every home T.V. is accessible as a need as well as want. Usually, need refers to the objects which fulfills our basic desire like food, shelter, house, clothing’s, etc.  & Wants refers to the object which comes after the completion of basic cravings like luxuries, pizza, etc.

Generally, people earn to complete their wants to enjoy life. Televisions are the best foundation to get decent amusement and also it helps us to aware about our ambiances or our nation. For fraternities, it is worthwhile for news channels and other shows of entertainment and for children it is useful for watching their favorite cartoon or comedy shows. Today, there are numerous reality shows rising day-by-day. It has a lot of advantages along with some disadvantages.

Nowadays, all the teenagers who watch TVs have an undesirable Influence of Reality shows like big boss, D.I.D., etc. These kinds of shows are not virtuous it is worthless or we can say it is full depletion of time. Time is very precious thing in the world and we should utilize it instead of spend on worthless things and once time is gone then it never comes back and we should always kept this thing in our mind. Therefore, we should do beneficial activities.

According to the survey, it is found that mostly kids haven’t aware about basic things that they should know and it is completely wastage of time. Our maternity provide us education for our awareness and growth but instead of getting any awareness kids are doing lousy & crummy activities which extremely worthless. We should provide education to kids mentally as well as practically so that children would do much better than our imaginations. Lack of instruction can make youngsters uneducated. Instead of all this, children must watch worth full shows which enrich the skills of children & teenagers such as Discovery, wildlife, etc. In these categories of channels we come to know about the adventurous & hilarious accomplishments that children should know about it.

We always must watch only those shows that gives us knowledge & enhances our mind instead of this big boss shows. It also enhances our general knowledge which is the most important part that we should have in ourselves. Big boss is type of reality show which makes a person extremely erratic in nature like seldom sad sometimes emotional sometimes finicky and commonly it is not noble for our healthiness so we should escape these kinds of shows. We actually waste huge time by viewing these shows.

We should utilize the time in good & amazing things. Specially, Children should send their times on watching animations, comedy shows, frolicking brain teasers, etc.  The technology has been upgraded for the enlargement of the world but not for the obliteration of time. Time is of paramount importance. So, we should utilize it in good things and hence we can gain success or usher the world into a happier future.

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