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Do School Uniforms make a school more effective place to learn?

Do school uniforms make a school more effective place to learn?

Uniforms, very special part of everyone’s life is a particular dress that a person have to wear when doing same work or working at the same place. It represents a particular group doing or performing task. When working in any company, all employees have to wear a uniform as told by the company’s head. It represents their company. Soldiers have to wear uniform as their identity.

Students also have to wear uniform according to their school rules. It gets very special for parents when their child wears uniform for first time and more special for students itself when they have to wear it for last time. Students studying in different schools are distinguished by their respective uniforms.

Uniforms of different school varies according to their requirements. Some schools make students of their schools to wear trousers, tie and a formal jacket for boys and tie, trousers or skirts and clutosse for girls. Government schools students wear shirts, trousers, and suits. Students studying in same school wears same uniforms. No discrimination is done Based on their caste and sex. Students instead of keeping general trend in their mind, are made to wear uniform when coming to school.

Imagine a situation where there are no uniforms in schools. Students can wear whatever they want according to their will. Now think, what can be the consequences of this? Students with strong financial conditions will wear better clothes than students with poor financial conditions. Students with dominant features will start bullying. They will oppress financially weaker students and will make fun of their looks and dressing sense. Indirectly or directly, act of bullying will increase. Moreover, if there will be no uniforms, Then, students will make their groups to wear dress according to a particular theme. Students who will not be a part of any group will become a subject for mockery. Everyone will make fun of them. It will lead to many insecurities.

Also, if students will have to wear casual clothes Then, parents would have to spend their cash on their clothing as well. As every parent want their child to look best, they will spend more money and will buy them expensive clothes. It will cost them much money. Groups of different students will start doing this which will lead to conflicts between them and will affect the unity among students. Thus, uniform plays an important role in students life. It makes a student to feel, like everyone. When in the school wearing a uniform, no students thinks about how good or bad they are looking. All of their schoolmates and classmates are wearing same uniform. This makes a sense of oneness.

If students are made to wear dresses according to their will instead of uniforms, everyone will think to look best. This will lead to distraction. Students will concentrate more on their looks than on their studies. They will focus on what to wear next day which will affect their studies. In Co. Ed schools, students will focus on their looks with a thought in their mind that What their opposite sex will admire the most. All these situations will lead to bad results of students in academics. But school uniforms make learning more effective. It has been seen that if we do any work with perfection, our interest towards it keep increasing. Thus when a students come in wearing a proper uniform, he/she works with a full interest.

Researches show that rule and regulations made related to school uniforms have lead to increase in attendance and performances of students because if there were no uniforms and students will wear according to their will then poor students will avoid coming to school to protect themselves from being a subject of mockery. In uniforms, student have his/her identity with which they work more effectively. In spite of how they are looking, they will focus more on their studies. Students in proper uniform are highly productive. They work more efficiently when in uniform. They can concentrate on their studies and can score good marks in their academics.

Also, it increases the feeling of oneness which results in building up confidence among students. All students feel equally treated which makes them stronger and more confident. They tend to ask questions and their doubts to their teachers if have any because they do not feel any shame. Uniforms, also prepare a student for their future. When Passed from school and colleges, students if get employed in big companies than they have to dressed up formally. They have to wear formal dresses.

Thus, uniform helps a student to get prepared for their future. All students follow rules and learns to live their life in real. Hence, School uniforms make learning more effective.

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