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Stray Cattles

Nowadays, Stray Cattles are causing several problems related to hygiene and even can become a reason for deaths.  Let us talk about hygiene, our Country is focusing on cleanliness, cattle’s straying can cause a big issue related to cleanliness like poops of cattle’s found on the streets and in slums can make a poor image of our country which also affect the tourism of our country and moreover, it can spread many diseases as well because we can get ill for long period.

Somehow, it is indirectly related to our health because stray cattle affect environment & surroundings also. Some people throw garbage openly instead of throwing it in dustbin and hence, it affects our livelihood. It represents ourselves from this environment and unfortunately we are degrading our own reputation ourselves.

Generally, the issue of stray cattle’s is with from everything like hygiene, road traffic, diseases, etc.  Wandering cattle’s can create big disputes towards traffic issues growing in India by blocking the roads and red lights; they can harm vehicles or passengers. We should stay careful while driving any kind of vehicle because many times these cattle’s come in front of cars and it can dangerous for us as well as for cattle’s as well.

We know what we are doing is impeccable but still we should do care that what should be there around us. It does all depend on us. The starving Stray Cattles generally eat poisonous compost like plastics or polythene which causes death and no one is responsible for the abundant dead body which causes growth of bacteria and diseases like cholera, typhoid, etc. Its consequences are very hazardous to us.

We cannot ignore the gravity of this matter. It has become a big threat for our country.  We should be live in a healthy environment and environment only becomes healthy when we are taking care of it properly. After all, it’s the matter of our own country. Hence, we have to stay alert towards it. Because it also disrupts our environment, atmosphere, etc.

Now, we have to take concrete actions towards the problem of Stray Cattles.  Government should provide them food & shelter so that they cannot able to get any chance of wander anywhere. These Stray Cattles could be perilous or become a reason for deaths; according to the survey last year 17 people slaughtered because of these abundant Cattles.

Therefore, it is quite risky for us. So, the Government authority should provide an appropriate harmless accommodations for Straying Cattles which should provide them all conveniences to cattle’s completely. Thus, it would be fruitful to us & animals as well.

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  1. yes, you are right. this problem has escalated after the gau-rakshak drive took place. govt should adopt these stray cattle and relocate them to some gaushala managed by the govt.

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