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Terrorism – “A big threat in our society”

As we all can see, irrationally, most of the societies in our country are discriminating among Hindu and Muslims. Therefore, we have to face the multiples of problem of terrorism. Everyday some people are being attacked by Terrorist. It has become a global issue. People have to live in awe & fear. It is a big threat for humanity. It also disrupts our harmony.

Mainly, terrorists attack on us because of religion & some political issues also. It is continuously prevailing in our country. It is much hated reason behind this corruption. Why we distinguish between Hindu & Muslims after knowing that they both are Human beings. All the difference has come is of religion & community. Do we know that what is Community refers to? Community refers to family of a person from which a person hails to. It just highlights the belonging of a person and nothing else. But we people worthlessly have made this matter so bigger.

Nevertheless, it is not any kind of concern but it is reflected in our society which is unconditionally wrong. Hindus & Muslims both are Human beings; both have same features, same blood, same specifications then why our society considered wrong to have a conversation with another community of persons. Any religion hasn’t said that we shouldn’t talk to the person who hails to other community or religion. It is our own evil thoughts which made us so immoral. As we see neither Hindus are special nor Muslims.

However, with the passage of time they both have to die one day. They cannot become immortal.  We should not make a distinction between any of them. Usually, our societies distinguish between only Hindus & Muslims but not in Christians & Buddhists and Zoroastrians. Any Community & Religion never changes anyone’s personality or behavior. We always should be who we actually are. Our society has made numerous drawbacks itself or we can say it’s all dupe because we are abolishing each other and none of us can get any kind of benefits.

The objections putting up by our society is worthless. We should comprehend the significance of each other and instead of doing any battles we should be obliging to each other. From doing battles with each other we are just degrading our religion or community. Instead of degrading our own community we should upgrade the reputation of our ancestors or legends. Doing this we are representing ourselves not anyone else.

We should have broad thinking and be sympathetic to each & everyone in this world. We should show sympathy not only to our close relatives but strangers as well. We don’t have any right to decide that is there any difference between communities or not? We should improve our own society to become broad and also not to think about these pesky things. But now the time has come when we have to combat terrorism otherwise it would become a huge problem for us. All nations are affected by terrorism. The sole purpose of terrorists is to disrupt peace and harmony. We have to take effective measures to eliminate terrorism and also we have to come forward to combat this threat.

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