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Why does Bill Gates still use Pen & Notebook?

Doesn’t it sounds too good to be true or childish fact that can’t be true?

Well, it looks like that but friends its true.

And not only Bill gates, but billionaire Richard Branson and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg have also admitted of using pen & notebook too often.

They say that they use pen and notebook to write ideas, thoughts, event and experiences. Sandberg even steps one level up as she uses her notebook to plan for the whole day. Its sound crazy that in this modern day of logic-defying gadgets, these business moguls are using the yesteryears’ technique.

Well, actually it looks refreshing. Words written on notebook are safe from hacking, data stealing and hard-disk formatting!!

Once I met my mentor Mr. Dubey during a seminar. He was very renowned yet he was down to earth. Simple living and High thinking was his motto. He could easily afford expensive laptops and he must be having also but in the seminar he brought his diary and pen. While giving lecture to the audience, he kept taking references from his diary. 1-2 times he notes something in the diary also.

When I got a chance to greet him after a long wait post seminar, then I asked him about this. He smiled and said that your role model should be easily copiable – means your followers should immediately and easily copy you. keeping a diary and pen is just nothing for my audience and fans so they will also aspire to be like me and if I have become such a big personality by keeping diary then they can also become. No need to buy 50k+ laptops to become successful. Your mind is much more powerful than machines.

Though somebody may argue that this example of Bill Gates or other dignitaries may be framed or false. Ok, for an instance lets take this as false. Then what? After reaching that Everest like summit, they have got all the right available in this world to use most expensive gadgets available in the market. But still they at least try to stay grounded, stay connected, stay agile. They have not scummed to their stardom. They still think like human beings and not gods.

They have given a message to the world, to their fans that starting is important. Where ever you are, just start. What ever you have, just start. Everything else will follow the suit now or in future. But you have to start man, just start.

Start fighting to make your dreams a reality.


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