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                                                          “CHILD LABOUR”
Today here we talk about “Child Labour” as we see in our surroundings small children are working  in shops, restaurants, Dhabas and many other places. This problem takes place when they are forced to do work when they have the age to study. In India, child labour is a big problem not every child is lucky to enjoy their childhood. The families who are not well-educated who are unemployed those who don’t have any work to do and don’t have any means to earn they send their child for work in different areas which is came to known as “CHILD LABOUR”. Because of such people our country is not developing they are spoiling the future of their children. The problem of child labour is closely related to poverty. If a person belongs to a rich family and with an educated family then he/she will never allow their child to do work in small age they will send their child to schools to get best education. Here in India large number of children’s having small age are doing work as a labour to fulfil the requirement of their family. This problem is commonly seen at the roadside of tea stalls, factories etc. In small age no one have so much knowledge regarding work if anything gets wrong by mistake then the owner will start beating the child they don’t understand the problem of that child which is very  wrong. Child labour is also hazardous for the health of children, it can spoil the life of children also because if a child is far away from their families they get some bad habits also like they start smoking, drinking and take drugs etc.
Children who are not educated will never know about right or wrong. If we talk to girl child then here girl child also have to do the work as maid, servants or baby sitting . They have to cook food, clean utensils, wash clothes and many other work. For earning money people go far far away from their homes in search of jobs, work etc. Government have to take some steps to stop this child labour if we can’t stop this then it will destroy the futures of children. Most children belonging to the age of 8 to 14 years are indulging themselves in child labour. For children who are from poor families and who cannot give their child proper education, government has made schools, ngo where no one have to pay money they will get free education, free food, free books and free uniforms also, in this condition also there are few families who not allow their child to take education they don’t want their child to became like a doctor, teacher, engineer etc. They don’t think about their child future.
It is a big social problem. In villages we can find children working with their parents in agriculture field. In the burden of their parents children have to accept the hard work before maturity. If we say that government has make a law that children below the age of 14years are not allow to do jobs in any field, only this law can’t protect  children from doing jobs and all until their family not stop this. We can see these problems in our nearby areas also and this is the major problem in India only. Another reason for which small children are hired for jobs is that they don’t know about their rights they don’t have proper knowledge about the pay also that what pay they have to take according to their work. Their innocence and lack of knowledge makes them fool by peoples.
We can take child labour as a positive work only when if the child is helping her parents in their work and parents are allowing their child for taking proper education, in this case only we can take child labour as positively, otherwise we can’t take it positive is only negative for children because without education it will destroy the life of children. If a family force their child more and more to earn money in this case children will take wrong steps like they do robbery, snatching, and much other wrong work.
To stop this child labour we also have to take some steps like- if we see any child working in any factory, shop, ar restaurant we can ask their problem that why they are working in this age, we can help their family members, we can send that child to school so that he/she can take proper education. We can help her parents in searching of jobs, we can provide them shelter to live, and we can appoint them in our company as a guard or as a pantry boy or a girl. Government is doing their work well they are giving their proper initiative for these children’s , so this is our responsibility also to save life’s of small children’s  below the age of 14 years, to make their future brighter so that once in a life they will thankful to us.
So, here at the end we can take a pledge that from now on wards if we see any child working we’ll help them and tell their basic rights to them so that he/she will understand it better, by this we can develop our country as well as the thinking of people who send their child for work and we can develop the small areas also, so child labour should be banned.

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