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Harassment Of Women

                                               “Harassment Of Women”

Is being a girl a punishment?  Is being a girl means losing her self-respect? Is being a girl means spending her all time at home and when she grew up she gets married, is this the rights of women? Today here we talk about the topic “Harassment Of Women” as the day passes we hear about so many cases of small girl child, girl up to 15 yrs and women also, is this the way to treat a girl? The question here arises for the women who face this problem. This harassment means that girl is not safe anywhere just because of the men who is having dirty mind. For example- If a girl wear short clothes and if she gets raped by someone then people say blame that girl for this because she has weared short clothes, as we know the case of Asifa an 8yrs old girl she gets harassed by 2-3 men so in this what was her fault, is she wearing short clothes in this case what everyone will say? This is the reason why people scared of having a girl child, people belongs to a poor family is scared of giving birth to girl child just because of these unexceptional cases. That’s the reason why people are not developing their minds, people not allow girl to go alone out of their home and doing her marriage in small age. Today we can say that there is no future of girl child and girls are not safe if these problems can’t stop.

In India we can see and hear more cases of rape if these problems will not stop then how girls can survive they can’t go anywhere alone, Education is very much important for those who are not educated and doing these kind of bad things, we are hearing these cases day-by-day just because of these uneducated people. As we know, men and women are equal women have also right which men have they both are interrelate to each other . Women have also right to do everything, they have right to go anywhere, they have right to talk anybody but because of these problems parents not allow girl child to talk with any guy, ar to do anything of their own choice. In low class areas girls are also scared to go anywhere alone ar to talk with anyone. For this government have to take some steps for these criminals it is very much important to give a punishment to those ones who has done these types of crimes.

Raping a baby girl is a big crime these crimes takes place in schools, colleges, villages, lower class areas  and done by those who belongs to the poor family who has no work to do who has no job ar who has no financial balance that kind of people indulge in these crimes. Government has made a slogan for girl child that is “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” if girls are not alive then how she can study and make her future bright if these kind of people harassed women then no one can able to give a birth to baby girl. People call girl as a laxmi of their home and how they raped that laxmi without thinking how they treat that girl at that time they forget each and everything. If government make any strict law then these rapes and harassment will stop automatically if public will take strict steps for this then everyone will think before doing these crimes.

Girls are equally talented as men all they need is a chance to prove themselves. But only a few of them get a chance. They are gaining success in each and every field and making our country proud. These daya human lusts have grown so much that these humans are now turned into animals don’t even leave small children. This is sad reality of our country. Country is not safe for girls. Media has made many serials like “Satya Mev Jayate”, “Crime Petrol” etc to make everyone alert for the crimes going around us. In ancient time few families harm girls because of dowry ar any other reasons but now these types of harassment crimes are happening openly and we are not able to take any strict action against this. If we not stop this ar if we not take any strict action against these rapists then in future we can’t save our country and girls from these crimes.


So, here with the ending of this article we have to take a pledge to save a girl child whether she belongs to other family ar she is other’s sister, wife, daughter etc. Because if we take one step then everyone can think and take some action towards these rapist who don’t even respect girls, who are useless and have no work in their life who drunk to much and forget their status, all we have to give justice and support to those girls who faced these problems and make our country free from these crimes so at the end “BE SAFE’ and “KEEP EVERYONE SAFE’.

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