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Welcome to the ever growing Protoedu family of knowledge seekers and torch bearers. The Protoedu family surpasses the mundane boundaries set by political interests because the Protoeduers (Protoedu family members are fondly known as ) only believe in one concept - Sharing is Growing Asking is Glowing Hearty Welcome once again !!

Just One Reason

That morning it was 10:00 AM when I was sipping a tea with my parents and my younger sister who was sitting right next to me. We were all discussing on the issue of chubbiness that what the ways of losing maximum weight are? Everybody was keep on giving their recommendations and I was observing them silently. After a minute, My Maternities said you should do physical work as much as you can while on the other side my younger sister said that you should go on the morning walk so that it will help you to lose your heaviness and also morning walk has numerous benefits like it will also keep you healthy and fit and your physique will also look eye-catching. Everyone was agreeing with this fact but on the same time I suddenly said okay!!  I agree with your statement but could you really able to implement this habit in your daily life? Could you truly go on the morning walk at 5:30 am? Are you sure? And then my younger sister was like why I would go on the morning walk when I don’t need it? As I am as fit as I should.

At this point, I had observed that there is a vast difference between Thoughts and Reality. Thoughts are what we can envision but if we sincerely talk about the Reality then we can see that how the Reality is so much diverse from our own thoughts? What we think that it should happen but actually we do not apply in our life and if we see the reality then I have witnessed and realized that unless we don’t have any reason to do something till then we actually don’t do. We study to become something or to gain handsome marks, we eat to survive, we do a little thing just for a reason and even we exist for a reason. So, there is always a reason behind every little thing which happened to us.

Someone has said undeniably true that “Everything happens for a reason”.  Human Being always refuses to see the Reality. We basically only think that if it had happened to us we would have grown more. But sometimes we forget that a coin has always two sides and we cannot only see one side of it but we should also see the other one. Only then we can solve the conflicts of our life which is still going on or else we keep on resolve the conflicts as ever. Thoughts are like a utopian universe while reality is what we don’t want to face but actually we have to face it. If an individual wants to go ahead then firstly all he/she needs to do is live practically rather than living in illusions. We are doing what we have told but never think of whatever we are doing is actually right or wrong because we have never associate it with reality.

To live a practical life we have to face many challenges, we have to fail many times and then after a tough and an elongated struggle with our own life, we can able to accomplish our desire. In life, if we want to do something by which we can change the whole ecosphere, if we want to become somewhat incomparable then originally we have to find a burning desire or a strong reason to achieve our desired goals. Only then we can accomplish it otherwise we always miss the mark in every condition. We should try to come out of our comfort zone and obtain a craving to do something bizarre and just see what happens next. According to me, a human can do anything if he/she has a strong reason. Anything is possible in this world because we contain the whole universe in ourselves. Everything is within us, everything we need is within us and we are actually stronger than we know and as a result, we can adapt this universe according to us..!!!

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