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Welcome to the ever growing Protoedu family of knowledge seekers and torch bearers. The Protoedu family surpasses the mundane boundaries set by political interests because the Protoeduers (Protoedu family members are fondly known as ) only believe in one concept - Sharing is Growing Asking is Glowing Hearty Welcome once again !!

The Eyes of Certainity

In our everyday life, we all face numerous unpredictable glitches. We have to face difficulties because we are not impeccable. Although in this whole universe no one is picture-perfect. So, to become faultless as much as possible we made several mistakes and we endeavor to do that specific work again and again in an accurate manner so as to become perfect in that work anyhow. We haven’t ever thought about Obstacles intensely that why we have to face it and what it is all about? If we would have thought then it’ll become much stress-free to unriddle it. Problem is like a thorny path on which we have to walk on initially and then at last the conclusions we get are just astonishing. It is a terrible way by which we all have to go through in our life and after that we just humbly go into the comfort zone as we haven’t ever requisite.

For example: Apparels in a Washing Machine, they twist, spin and then knock around machine and when comes out they look much brighter than before.

Similarly, Problems are like Apparels the more we face obstacles and struggle to accomplish it the more we success.  It is all depend on us how much we have the aptitude to scramble for our desired objectives. Whenever we got ill we have to take bitterest medicament to feel pleasant as we have been feeling before. Although we don’t want to have it but still we eat because we only want to get back to a usual state by having it and we don’t have any other alternative left as well except it.

Likewise, we first have to go through the stringent and toughest circumstances that we haven’t ever go through and even we haven’t think of it but we actually go through it. Sometimes throughout this fight or struggle we generally feel like we should relinquish and some individuals also give up but in this beguiling game of struggle the individual who immolate more to get done his/her wanted aim becomes the champion in the end by accomplishing their preferred goals and once he/she has accomplished their objectives then he/she can able to do anything in this biosphere because it already has turn out to be much smoother to go through it and somewhere it is what we called Strength of will.

In certainty, most of us are existing in a Utopian realm and rests are living in an actual sphere. Persons who are living in an Utopian realm cannot able to achieve their chosen objectives because they only desire to achieve rather than struggle hard to accomplish it whereas personalities who are actually living in an actual world can practically capable of modifying the realm because what they think they transform it into reality for instance

Bill Gates, Lata Mangeshkar, Remo Desouza, etc. They were also like us when they born but the difference between idealistic people and real people were that they had struggled hard and face many complications along with their wretched hearts. They came out of their comfort zone just to achieve something big. In fact they haven’t gave much significance to education because for them Education is very essential but before it their wanted goals mattered them greatly and so as to achieve it they did every single work which leads them to their desired goal. They utilized their time very intelligently and logically and therefore, they become what they had desired.

So, now the main crux that we all need to understand is to face challenges, obstacles and complications as much as we can and solve it so that we can move ahead. In spite of everything, every single door has its key and the door which doesn’t have any key is not a door then it is a barrier that we have to breakdown. Correspondingly, Problems come in our life with solutions because without solution there is not any problem. So, it means to solve any obstacle we should have fortitude.

We cannot solve any complication in anxiety and hurry. To figure out any problem firstly we need to understand it deeply till its last root because a tree grows on the basis of its root or else tree cannot develop anyhow.  We don’t have to solve only problem but we have to abolish its root wherever it is coming from. We are 10 times superior and stronger than our obstacles. So here, the chief point on which we have to emphasis on is to understand the conflict deeply and to solve it very patiently so that in our lifespan we can solve any problem no matter how immense it is? Only we should have just a little bit patience….

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