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Women Empowerment

Now a days the issue of women empowerment plays an important role in everyone’s life. As we all know that now women also want to educated as they also want themselves to be independent, but today also there are many villages and areas where families don’t allow women to be educated. As we know that women also have rights to discuss their feelings, their thoughts etc. But in few areas no one respect women, even they dont allow her to live her life freely. They want women to stay in home only and not to do any job. As the time passes govt. has made so many laws in favour of women so that women also get equal rights which men gets. In today’s generation women also want to do jobs, business so that they get same respect and status which a men gets. Women are equal to men they also do everything which a men can do, but in few families parents give more respect to men they differentiate between men and women, but they don’t know that without a women men is nothing.

To becoming independent, now women are also indulging themselves in different work, they are doing jobs, opening their business, doing work from home, taking tutions this is just because they also want to be free they don’t want to be dependent on anyone. For those girls who want to be educated but they are not able to take education because of there family financial issues to help those girls govt. are making schools, colleges, institutes,ngo etc. So that there she will be able to take proper and free education. Educated families know the value of education that how education is important for women in there life, they also feel that there is more to life than marrige, and those who are not educated and belongs to scheduled caste families they think that education is nothing they only want to marry a girl in the small age, they don’t know the value of education.

Our laws and customs are mostly women discriminatory, our religious customs have put indian women into an exploitable position in life. This can be seen through their low participation rate in education, lack of economic independence, women are dependent on men and family. In most cases it is seen that women are ignorant of their rights and even if they are not they don’t have easy access to justice. There are immerous laws for the protection of the rights of women but these laws are not implemented properly. Here, voilence is also the part of women empowerment, the process of violence against women starts from home and our patriarchal society leads to these distinctions.

From birth, boys are taught to be fierce, energetic, self-confident where as a girl is taught to polite, kind, sensative. Women are restricted to private sector and men to public sector. Women are restricted household chores and taking care of family. In this discrimination, they forget that men and women are equal. If men is a earner then a women is also an earner because now she is also indulging herself in jobs and more.

So, before ending this article we all take a pledge that from now onwords we all give respect to women and provide all those rights and we have to provide proper education to women even after there marriage also and never discriminate among men and women because now they both are equal and can handle all kinds of pressure. If men can be called as a business men then women can also called as business women. So at the end we will say.
   “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”.

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