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how one can increase his or her height?


best methods, exercises or diet etc

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  1. Follow a good diet and do stretching exercises

  2. Playing badminton can prove helpful. Alongside yoga and healthy diets are advised.

  3. 1. Get Proper Sleep (Having Adequte sleep & Rest)
    2. Indulge In Regular Exercise And Sports
    3. Practise Yoga
    4. Maintain Correct Posture
    5. Have A Balanced Diet (Frequent Smaller Meals, Drink Plenty of water)
    6. Avoid Growth Stunting Factors
    7. Develop A Strong Immune System
    8. Ask For Medical Aid
    9. Build Your Confidence
    10. Healthy Breakfast
    11. Maintain Ideal Body Weight
    12. Avoid Smoking and drinking.

  4. you can try skipping, swimming and yoga plus you have to take healthy diet. avoid junk food. Do stretching exercises including cycling and skipping for atleast aadha ghanta roj agar height badaani h to. saath mein calcium aur protein waali diet leti raho.

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