In our streets we have noticed that animals like cow ,dogs often falls in the open drains ,and that open drains is also very dangerous for human health as they lead to increase mostquiotes and diseases like chickengunia , and viral infections but we are neglecting it as a minor problem is it ryt?

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  1. firstly, it is not a minor problem we can’t take this problem as a minor its a major problem because it is affecting people and animals and it is very dangerous for our life also so, we dont have to neglect these problems it can be very harmful, it can affect our health by spreading so many diseases so, we have to protect ourselves and others by taking a serious step for this.

  2. Obviously no as by neglecting it we are doing wrong not to anyone but to ourselves. Health is the major concern we should emphasis on. So, therefore, we should not neglect these health affected things no matter how minor it is we should always keep our surroundings hygienic so that we will always stay healthy.

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