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Write a short note on huynh phu so ?

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    1 After occupation of Vietnam, the French tried to reshape social and cultural life of the people. The Vietnam’s religious beliefs Varah mixture of Buddhism , Confucianism and local practices. Christanity was intolerant of this easy going attitude of the Vietnamees and viewed the Vietnamese tendency to revere the supernatural as something to be corrected.
    2 however the religious beliefs among the peasantry were shaped by a varuety of syncretic traditions ie aiming to bring together dufferent beliefs and practices seeing their essential unity rather than difference.
    3. These traditions combined Buddhism and local beliefs.
    4 the policy of the French gave rise to many movements. Some supported the movement but others inspired movement against Colonial rule.
    5. One such movement was founded by Huynh phu so . It was hao hao. He performed miracles and help the poor. His criticism against useless expenditure had a wide appeal. He also opposed the sale of child brides gambling and the use of alcohol and opium.
    The French try to suppress the movement. He was declared mad and was called the the mad bonze . They sent him to the mental Asylum. But the doctor who had to prove that he was insane became his follower. In 1941 even the French doctors declared that he was sane. the French authorities however exiled him to Laos. Many of his followers was sent to concentration camps

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