What steps did the French revolutionaries  take to create a sense of collective identity among the french people ?

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  1. The following steps were taken by the French revolutionaries to create a sense of collective identity among the French people:
    1 the ideas of the fatherland(la patrie ) and the citizen (le citiyon) were introduced.
    2 a new French flag the tricolour was chosen to replace the earlier Royal standard.
    3 The estates general was renamed as National Assembly.
    4. New hymns were composed, oaths were taken and martyrs commemorated, all in the name of the nation.
    5. A centralized administrative system was established.
    6 Uniform laws for all citizens were formulated.
    7 internal custom duties and dues were abolished.
    8 A uniform system of weights and measures was adopted.
    9 French as it was written and spoken in Paris became the common language of the nation. Regional dialects word discouraged.
    10. It was decided that the French Nation would liberate the people of Europe from despotism and help other peoples to become Nations

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