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Who was Frederic sorrieu ? describe main features of the first print prepared by him in1848 ?

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  1. FREDERIC SORRIEU was a French artish who prepared a series of four prints visualizing his dream of a world made up of democratic and social republics as he called them.
    The main features of the first print of the series were as mentioned below:
    1. It shows men and women of all ages of Europe and America offering homeage to the Statue of Liberty.
    2 liberty was personified as a female figure with the torch of enlightenment in one hand and the charter of rights of man and the other
    3. In the foreground are the shattered remains of the the symbols of absolutist Institutions.
    4. Precession is led by USA and Switzerland who were already nation-states. Other people are following them.
    5. From Heavens Above Christ Saints and Angels gaze upon the scene to symbolise fraternity among the nations of the world.
    6. In sorrieu’s uptopian vision , The Peoples of the world were grouped as distinct nations , identified through their flags and national costume. Thus many issues have been visualized by Sorrieu in his prints but it is vision that can be realised.

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