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What was the area of the Balkans why was it the most serious source of Nationalist tension in Europe after 1871 ? what was its result ?

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  1. The Balkans was the region of geographical and ethnic variation comprising modern day Romania,Bulgaria,Albania,Greece,Macedonia,
    Croatia, Bosnia- Herzgovina, Slovenia , and Serbia and Montengro whose inhavitants were broadly known as Slavs.
    CAUSES for being the most serious source of nationalist tension in Europe in 1871 were as mentioned below.
    1 A large part of the balkans was under the control of Ottoman Empire. However with the weakening and disintegration of the Ottoman Empire the Nationalist tensions emerged in the area. Its European subject nationalities broke away and declared their Independence
    2. The people of the balkans argue that they were one independent before the foreign powers control them. So there object was to regain their lost independence.
    3. Nationalist tensions emerge due to rivalries of the European powers that is Russia England Germany Austria Hungary. All of these powers wanted to have their control due to one reason or the other.
    4. Rivalries among the Balkan States — the Balkan states were fiercely jealous of each other and each one of them wanted to extend her territory e at the expense of the others.
    5 RESULTS: rivalries of the European powers and among the Balkan States lead to a series of words in the region and finally the first world war

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