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What was zollverein ?  why was it introduced ? describe its advantages ?how strenghten nationalist sentiments  in German States ?

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  1. ZOLLVEREIN was a custom union that was formed in 1834 at the initiative of Prussia and was joined by most of the German States.
    Causes of introduction of zollverein
    In the first half of the 19th century there were countless small principalities in the German speaking region . Napolean had created a confederation of 39 states. This confederation had many drawbacks as mentioned below.
    1 Each had it on currency weights and measures.
    2. From Hamburg to Nuremburg there were 11 custom barriers.
    3. Traders had to pay a custom duty at each barrier4. Duty was paid according to weight or measurement, so there was a lot of problem in calculation.
    The above conditions were an obstacle to economic growth. Traders and new commercial classes wanted movement of of goods without any hindrance. So in 1834 at the intiative of Prussia zollverein was formed
    1. It was formed for the creation of a unified economic territory allowing the unhindered movement of goods people and capital.
    2. The union abolished Tarif barriers and reduce the number of currencies from over thirty or two
    3 a network of Railways was created with increased mobility harnessing economic interest to National unification.
    4. Industry grew due to free trade.
    5. It created a national Unity in economic matters at a time when Germany was divided. It accustomed German States to corporate without Austria who had not become a member of zollverein. It taught them the advantages of Prussian leadership . It was the beginning of German Unity. Thus, economic nationalism strengthen the wider National sentiments

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