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What do you understand by conservatism” describe the objects and decision The Congress of Vienna and examine them too ?

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  1. Conservatism was a political philosophy that stressed the importance of tradition, established institutions and customs and preferred gradual development to quick change.
    OBJECTS: after defeat of Napoleon, the European powers – Britain, Russia, Prussia, and Austria met at Vienna. It was hosted by the Austrian chancellor Duke Metternich. The object was to to undo most of the changes that had tajen place during the Napoleonic wars.
    DECISIONS OF THE CONGRESS: some major decisions of the Congress was As given below
    1. The Bourbon dynasty was restored in France
    2 a number of states such as Netherlands , Piedmont were strengthened on the boundaries of France to prevent friends expansion in future. Thus Belgium was included in Netherlands and Genoa in Piedmont.
    3. Oh crucial was given important new territories on France Western frontiers. It got a portion of saxony.
    4. Austria got control of Northern Italy .
    5. Russia was given a part of Poland. She got most part of the Grand duchy of Warsaw and retained Finland. Russia emerged with a good number of addition and extended further westward into Europe than ever.

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