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Why is the issue of sustainability important for development ?

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  1. Sustainable development means that development should meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their needs full stop how was in second half of the twentieth century and number of scientists have been warning that the present type and levels of development are not sustainable. The issue of sustainable development has emerged from Rapid industrialisation of the world in the past century. It is felt that the economic growth and industrialization have led to reckless exploitation of natural resources full stop on the other hand the stock of natural resources are limited. It is filled out the economy growth and industrial isation have led to the class exploitation of natural resources . On the other hand the stock of natural resources Limited show the growth of all countries in future is likely to be endangered if the limited resources are completely exhausted. Under the circumstances the issue of sustainability has become important for development. Number of resources are being overused. For example groundwater is under serious threat of overuse in many parts of the country like Punjab Haryana and western up. The water level has declined over 4 metres. As a result of it if we go on over using there will be a water crisis in future. Similarly if non-renewable resources are use recklessly these will also be exhausted

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