What are the features of international marketing?

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  1. International Marketing
    1) Broader market is available.
    2) Involves at least two set of uncontrollable variables.
    3) Requires broader competence.
    4) Competition is intense.
    5) Involves high risk and challenges.
    6) Large-scale operation.
    7) Domination of multinationals and developed countries.
    8) International restrictions.

  2. International marketing can be defined as a systematic process of designing and delivering products to satisfy overseas customers and to achieve objectives of the firm.
    The main features of International marketing are as follows:-
    * Systematic Process
    * Customer Focus
    * Trade Barriers
    * Trading Blocks
    * Three-faced Competitions
    * Documentation
    * Dominance of Multinational Corporations
    * Diverse Customs and Traditions
    * Large Scale Operations
    * Subject to Regulations
    * Marketing Mix

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