What can be one principle that I can follow and became highly successful in other 10-15 years? I am studying in class IX

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  1. do what ever you like the most, give you hours to that.
    try to become a perfectionist in your field and don’t listen to the outer world, just listen to your heart
    follow your own rule
    won’t regret on your bad situations, work harder to change them.
    if one way is close then find the other , if another is close then make your own way beautifully and artfully.
    the first or maybe two year will be harder to become successful. but never lose hope.

  2. Be desciplined and follow a routine which includes both fun and studies

  3. Bro, I’ll only suggest you to do whatever you like the most .this will make your life happier as well as you’ll also love to do that work

  4. Sir /mam success is not a matter of luck it’s optimal combination of hard work n smart work mein apko 3 guideline btata huin jo apko kaafi help kr sakti hain
    1 .Padho ese ki auron ko padha sako
    2.suno aur dekho ese ki sbki baatein smjh sako
    3.bolo ese ki apne baat hr kisi ko smjha sako
    Yeah 3 guidelines kaafi help karengi baaki it all depends upon smart work n hard work all the best for ur future
    Thank you

  5. First complete your study and after that set a goal.
    you will give time to your such goal u defeniatly achived.

  6. Follow your interest and work hard.

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