What is the effect of increasing steam inlet temperature on turbine internal efficiency?

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  1. Steam pressure increases are not the real answer here. Increasing the pressure requires a shed load of modifications to the boiler and system, re-piping and even a new turbine to be effective. Raising the pressure by a little bit is not worth the effort.

    Concentrate the effort on what you have, highest vacuum possible by having a clean condenser with plenty of water flow, checking all filters.

    Good lube oil at the right temperature and pressure.

    Good gland steam for LP system, heat recovery on air ejector and drain cooler, steam traps working.

    Boiler feed heaters working at max with bled steam for boiler air heaters and feed heaters.

    De-airator working giving positive head to feed pumps, run only sufficient feed pumps for the load on the boiler, keep pressure differential across level controller as low as practical by dropping the feed pump discharge pressure so the water is not over pumped for a steady load.

    Clean boiler by continuous soot blowing if necessary and clean air heaters.

    Keep balanced draft as low as possible but still able to exhaust funnel/chimney gasses and still keep a negative pressure in the combustion chamber

    Running the turbine within the manufactures specs. of load etc.

    All of these tips are “free” to implement but will improve the overall plant performance. Been there done that

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