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Welcome to the ever growing Protoedu family of knowledge seekers and torch bearers. The Protoedu family surpasses the mundane boundaries set by political interests because the Protoeduers (Protoedu family members are fondly known as ) only believe in one concept - Sharing is Growing Asking is Glowing Hearty Welcome once again !!


Most undergraduate or fresh graduate students suffer from this dilemma which is known as confusion syndrome. Where common aptitude test or CAT  gives you the avenue majorly in Indian Institute(s) of Management and distinct others, Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) on the other hand, not only opens doors for superior quality Indian education but majorly to pursue post graduation in management in foreign countries like USA, UK, Canada , Australia, new Zealand and more..

That is when the role of agencies/ educational consultant becomes of high importance, any graduate can however gather information from online portals and there is no end to the availability that is, But the decision of choice still remains.

Most of the students from distinct disciplines like engineering, psychology, arts and literature etc end of preparing balance sheets and taking up managerial roles after pursuing an MBA.

Nearly 85% of graduates as per ‘The education Tree-  a Youth led organisation’ are confused about the course they are pursuing in their under graduation, that is the major part of youth which is delicately putting up in college after a protected school soft environment going to be working as employees contributing into the Indian economy in less than two years.
These numbers can be brought down with proper analyses and goal setting which should be nurtured in schools itself, so that the student can make well thought decisions and choices by himself.

The freshmen at college should be subjected to real life scenario where they are actually into the wildfire trying to build a future for them; interacting with educational consultants and senior students helps a lot in understanding how career choices rewards, the students at college should be constantly guided by teachers and be assigned mentors.
due to the absence of proper clarity in career choices the student fail to actually take risk and settle for a safe option like teaching jobs, banking jobs etc and thus feel dissatisfied just after a short period of pursuing the job.

The system as we clearly observe from the school to high school and from high school to under graduate college to job or a post graduation is very streamlined and consist of a lot of loopholes if observed keenly. And thus, the need for healing and uplifting content and perspective arises as the students often gets directionless sometime and that’s what lead to a confusion syndrome in the long run as in the larger picture he/she have not made big independent choices and now when the time is there on the shoulders to take a heavy duty move, the student feels all weak and not confident at all.

Thus, a student should focus on the resources he/she has, the time and the financial strength of his family, along with how much interest is being developed about the prospective career choice, and what pulls you closer to your calling.
A guide, mentor or friend can come to rescue in such a situation but most of all, your spirit should sore high. A perfect blend of this pillars can not only ensure a right career path but also make a good living out of the knowledge so gained.

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