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The Killer Disease – Dengue

As we all recognize, that in Monsoon season, outbreak of malaria and dengue is quite common. It is mostly come from the stagnant water which is mainly available at our homes and roads also. Multiples of people undergo from the glitches of these diseases like malaria, dengue, jaundice, etc. Monsoon is the season which comes along with ailments. So, we should be very cautious. We should give less water to plants because mostly parasites come from plants only.

In the period of rainy season, we should attire full sleeves of apparels to inhibit ourselves from the syndromes of dengue and malaria. In this season a minor negligence leads to a high breakdown and we could fall ill for a long interval. So, we should stay alert & cautious in this season of diseases. Furthermore, after 7:00 pm in evening we should stay inside our home instead of going out of home. Several people take this season in a light way because they don’t have any inkling that how much huge inattentiveness they are doing to them.

In this wicked season we should always snuggle away from plants & trees also because inside it there are numerous pesticides roaming over there. They can effect hazardous infection also. We should alter water from refrigerator, air-conditioner/cooler & plants on a regular basis, so that stagnant water couldn’t gather at our homes anymore. We also should always stay alert. In fact, we should blowout a medication of mosquitos which is in gas form to inhibit from the killer disease – dengue.

These mosquitoes take away numerous lives in one go. It can also be injurious for our environment. Our Environment is in jeopardy because of these mosquitoes.  A person could be only stay well if they live in a salubrious environment. However, sometimes we get thoughtless but we shouldn’t be. Only few people can come through the diseases otherwise almost people pass away in it. It is a fact that a person do not cares until they get some dangerous consequences.

They care after they get wicked consequences and remorse a lot. So, if we know that it can be too much dangerous for us then why we do not care before having bad outcomes. This is very bad thing in Human Beings. But we should care ourselves along with other persons also. Kids are too much sensitive & delicate that they capture diseases quickly.

Hence, we should also care for kids a lot and make them shielded in clothes. We should also wash utensils carefully and make our environs more sanitized. In fact, it is unsafe for the plants too. Plants can also be lifeless if muddy mosquitoes roam around them. In this season not only mosquitoes come outside but there are lizards too who come out to eat mosquitoes. Majorly, mosquitoes only go there where they get some light and thus, we should keep the lights off of our homes because it woos mosquitoes & lizards to access there. We should always keep our doors close because mostly evening these mosquitoes goes away from their homes. So, therefore, we should always stay alert or stay careful in the monsoon season.

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